DYJO1 at Offwell

DYJO2 enjoyed beautiful weather last weekend on the Sunday. The forecast for the day before, when DYJO1 were playing at an outdoor event for TRIP Honiton in Offwell had suggested it might be sweltering, but it didn’t quite turn out that way… as Nic Steward writes:

“Outdoor gigs with DYJO have seen us cope with torrential rain and sweltering heat (sometimes on the same day!), but the speed with which Saturday evening turned from beautiful and balmy to brisk and blowy took players and audience by surprise.

Graham did his best to warm things up with references to Monterey, and arc-welding (sorry, Tom!), but the wind kept blowing.

But as ever, our players did us proud, giving two fantastic sets, and being 100% professional in truly challenging conditions. Well done to all of them!

And for those players for whom this was their last “proper” DYJO gig, it was certainly one to remember!”

You can find a great set of photos of the event from Rosie Parsons Photography here, but also keep your eyes peeled for an article on DYJO in Devon Life in the near future!


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