DYJO2 at Crediton

Well, the weather certainly turned out nice for DYJO2’s gig at Downes, Crediton! The 1st Crediton Scout Group are celebrating their 110th anniversary this year, and they asked DYJO2 to play at their celebration at Downes, Crediton, the one-time home of Sir Redvers Buller, whose famous statue sits outside St David’s Church and Exeter College in Exeter. Anyway, the sun shone, it wasn’t too hot, and lots of people came along to celebrate, enjoying two great sets from DYJO2.

It’s worth noting that this is the first time this season that DYJO2 had done a whole gig by themselves, and through the 16 tunes they played, there was both tight ensemble work, and piles of great solos from around the band.

It’s not quite the last time they’ll play as a band – that’ll be at the DYJO Leavers’ Concert on Sunday 8 September (details to be confirmed) – but this was a great way to mark the end of the main season for us!